So once again, it has been ages since I updated. I always feel the need to give a mea culpa for that, or an explanation. This time, I will simply attribute to an upheaval in my life that continues to upheave. I suppose that one can say that there’s always going to be things distracting us from work, and if we want to do something we will. I have, instead of posting here, been actually working on the book I dedicated myself to finishing.

The book I’m speaking about is the project I began for NaNoWriMo this past year in November of 2010. I achieved the word goal of 50K that qualifies you as a NaNo winner before the end of November, as I had done for a few years. However the novel itself, whose title is still in flux, was not finished. With 50K in the bag the book was only half done. So I decided to say NO to starting a project and leaving it half-finished. And so I decided to pick it back up.

It has taken me until now, with the massive nonsense in my life, but I’m at 92,779 words. It has taken me over six months to add another 42K and change to the book, but it is on its way to nearly completed. It will need massive editing and a staunch head-shake from me on a number of issues, including my pacing, but it’ll be done. I refuse to leave another project half done and waiting in my laptop’s depths for me to ‘come back to it someday’.

So the update stands like this: NaNo Continuation 2010 = 92,779 words, three sections (plus interlude) and many, many chapters.

I’m going to finish this one before the Office of Letters and Light (NaNo’s parent company) launches their summer program this year. They’re calling it Camp NaNoWriMo and it’s a second shot at the 50K party for the summer. I’m excited to give it a shot, and I even have a novel concept. But I will not start it before this one gets done. So? It means crunch time. Working on a deadline will give me the focus to get this finished. And I want to check off ‘Completed a Novel’ from my list of things to do category. After that, all I’ll have to do is get this published for another achievement unlocked.

Two years back I took on the challenge of doing a National Novel Writing Month. That meant attempting, in one month, to write 50,000 words of a novel and getting it knocked out by the deadline. In 2006 I did it with three days to spare, if I remember correctly. In 2007, I did it with two hours to spare, punching out 12,000 words or so of it in one sitting and driving myself to the point of delirium so I didn’t miss the deadline. This year, November’s coming up really quickly and I am literally petrified at the notion of doing this again.

This year is different than last year. Where last year, taking on NaNo was difficult because I had just taken on a new job to which I was just acclimating, this year I have even more work. I am going to school, working, worrying about my future potentially in the police department, and trying to find time to run a full-scale live-action roleplay game and write in my spare time. Call me crazy but that’s a damn full schedule. Oh yes, and I’d like to sleep, eat, and maybe see my friends in between. It hasn’t been a fun ride so far since the semester started and now… NaNo.

I’m by far sure I’m insane for even considering this malarky; adding a deadline of 50,000 words by the end of November to my already hectic work week is not something I’m sure I’m ready for. Yet there is a tradition for me to uphold and frankly, it might drive me to get in more work. So I’m going to give it the old college try. To me, it’s worth kicking in some extra work to make myself meet the deadline. It’s good practice for forcing myself to sit down and write. 

Now if only I knew what the hell I was going to write about this year…