Keeping The Candles Lit


Shamor – Listen

Zachor – Remember

Keeping The Candles Lit is a live action roleplaying game set during the harrowing years of World War II. Players portray three generations of Jewish women fighting as partisans in the forests of Eastern Europe, desperately clinging to their traditions in the face of harsh war-time life. Through three acts the players will explore the ties that bind a grandmother, mother, and daughter, as they are challenged by the abstract War and Spark to hold onto their heritage, or forsake it for a better chance at survival.

Designed as part of the Warbirds anthology from Unruly Games, Keeping The Candles Lit is a tribute to the unrecognized women of World War II and especially the Jewish women who struggled to hold onto their religious lives while fighting the Nazis. Developed by Moyra Turkington and edited by Brand Robbins, with gorgeous art by Claudia Cangini, Keeping The Candles Lit will be released as part of the anthology in summer 2016.

Number of Players: 5

Ages: 14 and up suggested (mature content involved)

Number of Organizers Needed: 1

Length of Play: 3-4 hours


Purchase the Warbirds Anthology from Unruly Designs at Indie Press Revolution!

This game is dedicated to Nora Stern and Esther Dvora Kessock, my grandmother and my mother, from whom I learned that candles always remain lit deep inside you, no matter what.

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  1. Dear Cousin,
    We would like to come to Mom’s unveiling tomorrow, but we do not remember which cemetery. Could you please let us know?
    Mindy and Ziggie

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