In Memoriam


Who tells your story when you’re gone?

In Memoriam is a game about finding just the right words to say in the face of tragedy and how those words can help a person move on. When a person dies, someone has to write the obituary, the perfect summation of an entire life in just a few paragraphs. But what if the departed wants their say in how they’re remembered? In Memoriam lets the nosy Deceased have their say before heading off to the afterlife. That is, if they want to leave at all.

Designed for the Golden Cobra Challenge 2016, In Memoriam received Honorable Mention in the awards announced at Metatopia 2016. Judges described it as:

“An intimate game of remembrance, longing and moving on. Four players portray the living and the dead, each working to create an obituary for the recently deceased. Each comes to this remembrance with their own agenda. We love the artifact of the obituary that is created through play, and the complexity that is created by the interaction between the four roles. And there is no pat happy ending guaranteed! A polished, moving game.” – Official Judges Announcement on

In Memoriam is a tribute to the line from Hamilton: “Who lives, who dies, who tells your story?” The game was designed to specific thematics and constraints, leaving it a game you can print and play easily on the go on a single piece of paper with little to no prep. All you need is a writing utensil, some paper, and a place to sit to work on a fictional obituary together. Players must be comfortable with limited physical contact with one another.

Number of Players: 4

Length of Play: 1-2 Hours

You can find In Memoriam available for free download on the Golden Cobra website along with dozens of other freeform games submitted for that year.