Interested in having a live action game for your tabletop RPG?

Looking for someone to help you hash out the plot for your game, screenplay or novel?

Want someone to review your game’s content for development feedback?

Shoshana works as consultant to assist other projects in development. Her number one focus is helping designers and writers bring their ideas to life based on their vision and purpose. She can address issues of narrative construction, game design, and project management for everything from your television screenplay to your tabletop RPG. She has a specialty in consulting on live action adaptations of intellectual properties and tabletop RPGs. Shoshana has also worked as a consultant regarding representation in games and would be happy to review your material to offer suggestions and tips for your designs.

Consultation responsibilities and rates vary based on the needs of the project. Those interested in consultation can contact Shoshana or take a look at the consultation PDF for further information. Availability for consultation based on project load at the time and scheduling.