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Hey, all you Grim Reapers out there! Welcome back to this year’s annual REAPERCON! Where the reapers of the souls of mankind can get together, let their hoods down, and have a little fun. Get together with your fellow Reapers for a little ice breaking practice exercise, a race to see just who can reap the fastest and claim the most memories of the living. Just don’t forget to keep your identity a secret – don’t want those pesky living people to realize there are Reapers among them. And don’t forget to have fun! Because remember: just because you work with the dead doesn’t mean this scene has to be!

Welcome to REAPERCON is a live action physical multiplayer gamer for all ages. Players take on the role of Grim Reapers at a convention in an ice breaker exercise. Their goal? To snag the flags of other players that represent the memories of mortals, each tagged with a specific moment in a  person’s life. Grim Reapers must collect as many flags as possible from their fellow Reapers, bribe and convince Memory Keepers to trade memories, and ask the unsuspecting living to share new memories with them to turn into flags. But remember – don’t harass the mortals, or you go into the penalty Graveyard!

Developed for Gamechef 2014, Welcome to REAPERCON is best experienced in public places out in the world. So strap on your running shoes and prepare to be the best stealth Reaper you can be.

Number of Players: 5+

Ages: 10+

Number of Organizers: 1 – 5

Get all the rules for Welcome to ReaperCon here in this easy to watch Prezi presentation!

Have you played Welcome to REAPERCON? Contact me on Twitter @ShoshanaKessock with photos or videos, or just to share what you think!

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