Video: “Ethical Content Creation and The Freedom To Create”

I’m excited to announce that the video of my short TED-talk like Nordic Larp Talk in Gothenburg 2014 has gone up. The topic is “Ethical Content Creation and The Freedom to Create” which was based on my research for my article on ethical content creation in the WyrdCon Companion Book for 2013. I’m really proud to have been included in this brilliant event, and encourage folks to check out the other Nordic Larp Talks for this and year’s past.

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  1. Well said, although the politeness of the applause is concerning. The balance between creative expression and responsible spaces is an important one – some people need to act out extreme fantasies and experience high adrenaline bursts but others are looking for a different kind of fantasy as an escape from the ordinary world or, increasingly, from a world limited by disability, ill-health, and carer responsibilities. In the real world, we have police or moderators or lifeguards – people whose job it is to to offer in-situ advice or support to someone who feels threatened. I wonder if there is some mileage in that kind of model as a way forward.

    Thank you for this articulate and necessary account.

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