Convention Schedule and Putting Out The Call

On the heels of my last post about being super busy comes news of some awesomeness soon to come. I’ve been graced with the chance to attend several conventions in the next six months to either run games or contribute on panels. And good news, some of that involves needing some help from awesome game designers and LARPers and women in the game world — hey, I might mean you! So check it out:

Dreamation 2013 –

That’s right folks! The Double Exposure convention season for 2013 has begun and Dreamation 2013 is only a few weeks away. I will be hosting my third Dresden Files LARP at the con entitled “Dog Days”. It’s a sequel of the previous two games and will focus on the aftermath of the craziness from last time. Queen Mab mad at you? Rogue Denarians afoot? New York’s supernatural community has to come together, and the wereforms in town are trying to do just that. Too bad someone’s got other plans of course…

On top of that, I’ll also be hosting two panels at the convention. And this is the part where I’d love to hear from folks!

The first panel will be a LARP Roundtable, where we bring together LARP staffers and organizers from around the area to talk about the challenges and rewards of running their games. Whether you do theater style games or boffer, long term campaigns or experimental, nordic or American, you’ve got a seat at the table. Let’s come together and share techniques and learn from each other. If folks are interested, please hit me up on Twitter or my email – I can’t guarantee everyone will be a speaker, but I’d love to hear from you.

The second panel is on a topic near and dear to my heart – Women in Gaming. I’ve spoken with the wonderful Avonelle Wing of the Double Exposure staff and we’d love this to follow up the panels at both DexCon last year and at Metatopia in continuing to unpack the issues of women in gaming and in game design. So if you’re a game designer interested in sitting on the panel with me to talk about the state of women in the gaming world, let’s talk! As above, can’t guarantee everyone can be a speaker but get in touch so we can start a dialogue about it.

Intercon 2013-

Following on the heels of that will be Intercon 2013 up in Boston. I’m super excited to be attending my first Intercon in years, and my first of the Boston conventions. I’m pleased to say I’ll be attending the Pre-Convention on Thursday to be a guest on several panels, including Sexuality in LARP, Gender and LARP, How to Run a Game Briefing/Wrap and What Boffer LARP can Teach Intercon. There are some amazing folks from all corners of the LARP world coming to the con to run games, but the panel track is just as interesting so come by Thursday and Friday to hear some smart folk speak. Oh yeah, and I’ll be there too!

IndieCade East-

This is a brand new convention for me too! I’ll be joining my NYU Game Center brethren to explore the game design landscape of the New York area in IndieCade east. Moreover, I’m going to be on Team NYU in the Iron Game Design Challenge where the NYU Game Center is taking on Parsons! Lead by our glorious leader, Eric Zimmerman, I am sure we will go on to victory!

Pax East-

That’s right folks, another East Con and this time it’s Pax! This one is another first for me as I’m attending PaxEast as a panelist! I will be sitting a panel on the dreaded Fake Geek Girls dilemma alongside such awesome women as Anja Keister, Stella Chu and Iris Explosion of D20 Burlesque. It’s my pleasure to be in such illustrious company and I’m looking forward to the discussions we’re going to have.

And coming soon: GenCon 2013!

That’s right, the plans are already in the works for attending GenCon 2013. I’ll be wending my way out to GenCon and hope to work alongside the always fantastic John Stavropolis to run some games for Games on Demand. I also have plans to do full play tests of my game Wanderlust there, as well as at…

DexCon 2013!

Looking forward to this summer, I’m already planning my next Dresden LARP which will be the finale of the cycle of games and bring the chronicle to a close. I’ll also be bringing more play tests of Wanderlust along, hoping to culminate in having the game ready for Metatopia in November.

So that’s my schedule. I’m already exhausted just thinking about it. Plus I’ve got plans for New York Comic Con and San Diego Comic Con in there, and maybe running something at Recess in NYC. So this year is going to be a lot of running around. But why not? When you’ve got a chance to go great places and game, why not take it? As updates happen, I’ll give more of them. In the meantime, I gotta remember to pack my dice and get ready for a LONG season.

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