NaNo Update: The 4AM Candle Burning Session

So apparently, my muse jumped out and mugged me last night. I sat down at 11PM and said I was going to write for an hour or so after watching walking dead. I have the day off the next day, why not, right?

It’s after 4AM. I’m still wide awake. And my word count from yesterday has jumped.

Day One= 4,060

Day Two= 11,847

Yeah, it’s like that. mugged in a dark alley by the muse. Whatever, the story is shaping up wonderfully. The main character has just made an appearance, or at least… well, I’d say the main subject. One of the main characters has been going strong since the first page, and his section of the story is now done. I go on to the next one very shortly. The story has a few characters which you flick through to chase the subject of the story and… well, it’s complicated but I’m enjoying teh hell out of it. And like I said, one character down. Now I’m onto the next one.

Only my sleep schedule is shot to hell. I’m going to bed.

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