Oh my aching everything

Okay. So writing is easier when life doesn’t suck so much.

I’m going to be super-brief. Lost my living situation. Have to move back in with the parentals because of financial woe. And what do I do on the night this all kicks off? After a horrid week and the realization that life does NOT want to go the right way?

I finish my first one-act play. I think I’m done. Well, maybe not. But the first act of a play entitled “Attica’s Bones” is done. And I do this after working ten hours on house-cleaning. I apparently got my Wheaties this morning.

Now I’m going to fall down tho. Done for the day.

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  1. Writing might be easier when life is settled but ideas aren’t because ideas require that you have a life. Too much comfort and the hunger dissipates but it’s a balance – too much hunger and there is nothing else. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.
    Right now you’re ok, you’re safe, and you’re fed (you are fed, I hope?) so think, feel, explore and create from what you have in your heart. It’s sad to lose your independence and beat a retreat but much worse to lose your edge and it sounds like yours thrives on adversity. And wheaties of course. Good luck you, take care.

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