Growl, growl, not enough sleep…

When the muse wakes you in the middle of the night to make you get up and write, it can be the most goddamn disruptive thing in the world. But it did make me productive! I was tired so I went to bed early and then my body woke me at 2AM. So from 2AM to 4:30AM I wrote. And what I came up with was nearly 2500 words in my project, the big fantasy story known as Exeter.

So the wordcount for my projects stands as follows:

  • Exeter: 41,045 words (seven chapters plus prologue)
  • Big Pete: 49,419 words (thirty-three chapters – not all completed)
  • New Gods: 57,264 words (twenty three chapters)
  • Trilogy Book Two: 83,918 words (twelve chapters)

This is just the stuff I’ve picked up and poked at with a stick recently. But the drive to keep working, to keep my word counts up and just keep writing, have driven these projects through the roof. I won’t say that everyone of them is good – in fact, I finished a chapter in Exeter last night that I wanted to murder with a stick. The next chapter though started off immediately great! It’s just a question of not getting frustrated.

And from good news perspective: I got full time at my job so now I have to find time to write even when I’ll be working all the damn time. It’s going to be fun.

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