Grad School Application Is a Go!

Nothing freaked me out more than the essay portion of the application for graduate school.

You give me a blank piece of paper, and I can write about anything. I can wax poetic about worlds that never existed and never will exist. But instead, they asked me to do something else: talk about myself. And I was struck literally stone-still at the notion. And then I spent the next two weeks having anxiety over this. So yesterday, I sat down and just killed the thing. I let my first draft suck. Then I went after it with a fine-toothed comb. I had other people help me with it. I tweaked out about it HARD and ran around the house like a crazy person. I did all the little things superstitious people do when they’re approaching something hard. Hell, I had my roommate blow on the thing like DICE, I wanted luck so bad.

Then today, I packaged it up and sent it on its way. My application to Sarah Lawrence College is underway.

Now comes the praying. And the worrying. And the OMG please let this work.

Here’s to hoping.

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