Short story explosion- Javi’s story

In the spirit of my insomniac-induced writing mania, I submit for your approval the following recounting of this evenings insanity. I took a nap due to having a headache for three hours, woke up at 9:45 and realized  I could get some work done for a while. I went to the little writer’s room for a powder and came out, having an idea for a short story. It was sort of inspired by Avatar, which I saw recently (and was amazing) and by this article I read in National Geographic last month about a tribe in Africa which had no concept of time because they lived in a pre-agricultural, hunter/gatherer society.

Out came a story I’ve named Javi’s Story. It is twenty-five pages, which I wrote in three hours at 9,841 words. I cannot BEGIN to tell you how incredible this writing experience was. The words just seemed to flow out of me and though the story is not unique (how many coming of age stories can be?) I think this one has its own ups and downs. I’m not sure I like the ending, to be honest, but I don’t have the heart to revisit it right now. I jut want it to sit… and be what it is right now. Which is a piece of writing born in a bleery-eyed whirlwind.

The biggest part about all this? It is COMPLETED. Revisions be damned, this one I did beginning to end in one sitting. And that’s a big deal for me. Tomorrow, I will celebrate my birthday with some people, have a good couple of days, and get back to writing the other story I was working on. For now, this one is completed and that’s enough for me.

Now to get to bed. I have to be up in less then five hours.

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