Scrivener is my savior

In the ongoing struggle against writer’s block and plot-holes the size of Howitzer tanks, I have started converting over my old projects to my new best writing-buddy, Scrivener. Along with the many other things that I got out of this year’s NaNo, I went ahead and got the best program for writing stuff that I have ever seen! I really love the interface and the side-menus allow me to separate parts of my story so I can edit with ease. I don’t know if you can tell, but I adore this program like madness. I’ve already brought over my large fantasy project and I’m bringing over my monstrosity that I nicknamed Big Pete as well.

If you’re a Mac User and feel like taking a chance on a good thing? Download yourself a free trial usage and then if you like it, pick it up? It does wonders.

Here on the insomnia bus I am, converting files.

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