It won’t go to my head, promise…

So apparently, there’s a little more to this writing-dangerously win in NaNo this year. I got contacted tonight to be featured on the NaNo website’s Q&A section, picture and all. Here’s a link:

It kind of amazes me that I got put on the website and everything. Getting recognized for writing or for anything related to writing still feels strange to me. I really appreciate what they’ve done with NaNo and giving people a little boost, when they’re struggling to write, is an amazing boon. I actually turned bright red when I read the email asking me to do the Q&A. What a nice surprise!

It’s just redoubled my whole confidence in my writing, honestly. Not that I need someone giving me funny viking hat prizes and such, but as I said before, it’s nice to have someone point at the work you’re putting in and say ‘hey look, you’re working hard, nice one!’ I appreciate that so much from them.

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