The Short Story Plan

So writer’s block is a big, frickin’ stinking bitch and I hate it. I have been kicking at it and not feeling anything but push-back for weeks. Instead of bitching about it however I have devised a scheme to get myself writing again. The plot is as follows:

I need to produce more short stories. To that end, I will put myself to the task of creating three short stories a week of various lengths and kinds. There is no limit to what I can create but I need to put myself to the discipline of it and giving myself plans of action or challenges will get me moving. For this week, I have already written one, and I will go on from there and put down more work this week. Two more to go before next Monday.

Short Story #1: “The Crossroads and the Field” about being weighed and measured by a guy in a funny hat. 

Let’s see what else I come up with.

Also updating: a few of my friends are getting into the idea of working on creative projects as well. A friend of mine, Evan, has asked me to write a graphic novel with him, and I think that the project that has been sitting on my shelf, Wanderlust, is perfect for his kind of art. I’m going to see what we can come up with. Meanwhile, the Big Project is still sitting on my head, though I have seemingly lost the spark for it at this exact moment. I will get it back. Other friends of mine want to start up a group of people to pass around work and help each other with stuff, to which point I’m really excited. We might even go on a retreat for writing, which I can’t wait to try. 

Went to an autograph signing by Neil Gaiman the other day. He is both a gentleman and a fantastic writer. He sat for an extra two hours to sign everyone’s books and was very sweet. I wanted to see what kind of impression I got off of him and came away with the notion of nothing but a sincerely good man, humble and honestly happy to see his fans. I was, if you can’t tell, most amazingly impressed.

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