I knew that college would do it.

So I’m back in class this semester, of course, with a full course load. That’s what one does when one is a writer and needs a degree to, eventually, get a job that pays the bills. The trouble is that the work load I have for this semester has officially driven my mind clear away from writing, and it’s only week one! I know that one has to push through writer’s block, but my mental muscle gets co-opted to other things. So I think a stricter regime of writer’s discipline is necessary:

I will institute mandatory writing times. I must sit down and write something, even if it is utter nonsense. Otherwise, I am going to get distracted, tired, and not get anywhere. My current project, the behemoth, has receded into the back of my mind again and baiting it out might be like baiting a bear to come chew on my leg, but I digress – I have to get back into it! I can’t just let the muscles atrophy into sleep because I have to do college work. That’s wasting time. So what if I’m tired?

Though, I really am very tired.

That’s not going to slow me down. Onward, they say, and more words to come. Hopefully.

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