The NaNo Madness Has Begun!

So naNoWrMo began four days ago and already I’m off to a running start. I’m bleary eyed and tired but I’m off to an incredible rate. I’ve already buried 15,000 words out of 50,000 and it’s only day 4. My justification is that I want to strike while the anvil is hot but the truth of the matter is, I always write in bursts like this, be it for short stories or for larger works. I work while things are inside my head and then I can get into long stretches when I’m not in the least bit interested in looking at a blank Word document for anything. You can’t get me to write when I’m not in the mood for anything in this world. So for that reason, I’m on a bit of a jag with this one.

This isn’t new with writers. A lot of writers get on these long writing jags that can last for as long as the muse wants to make you her bitch. I, for one, will not complain. I started to hit a bit of a bump in the jag road this evening when I was trying to write one part of the story but I managed to punch through it. If I go too long without writing this, I’m afraid it’s going to go back into the recesses of my brain wherever it comes from and I’m going to lose it. Twenty four pages down, however many left to go.

The name of the story is “A Walk in the Dark” and I can’t decide if that’s dorky or not. The story centers on a character from one of the previous NaNo’s that I wrote who gets visited by the angel of death and the two go for a walk to talk about some stuff, including the end of the world. I’m too edgy about getting this work done to talk more about it but needless to say its going to deal with a lot of the things I wrote in the other two installments of the NaNo story which has become a three year saga to complete and will deal with some new stuff including more spiritual discourse and things like that. This one is going to be more cerebral, less action, which I think I like. I don’t know why but I have a good feeling about this one, I really do.

More later. Now I have to sleep.

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