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This Isn’t Your Community, Gamergate, It’s Ours

October 17, 2014



Tonight, I want to write about Gamergate. Actually, let me be clear. I don’t really want to write about Gamergate. I wish I’d never heard the term. I wish we could get in an epic Doctor Who TARDIS the size of the planet and go back to before two months ago (by god it’s been that long […]

Forgiveness and the Paradox of Letting Go

September 16, 2014


An exploration about forgiveness and letting go.

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Gamers, Gatekeepers and the Golden Rule: Gamergate and the Real Ludic Century

September 8, 2014


Image: found via Al Jazeera's The Stream blog

I was at lunch the other day with my mother when a woman came by the table. She stopped to say that she loved my t-shirt, which had the Portal-inspired logo for The Mary Sue on it. I thanked her and she hesitated, looked at my mother, before saying, “It’s just terrible about Gamergate. I […]

Because It Really IS A Problem: Turning A Blind Eye To Inequality In Games

August 27, 2014


Just yesterday, I watched the second part of Anita Sarkeesian’s brilliant analysis of ‘Women As Background Decoration’ in her series Tropes vs Women. It depicts the various, often graphic, ways in which women are included in games as background characters to be brutalized, demeaned and murdered in the course of video games. Her video (which […]

Nazi Redux, Year Two: Or, It’s Still Not Okay To Cosplay As A Nazi

August 23, 2014


My GenCon wrap-up post has been delayed once more to bring you this late breaking bulletin:  It’s still not okay to cosplay as a Nazi. In case you forgot. Just checking in. You’d think a girl wouldn’t have to put this up a second year. I had a post up last year about how it […]

A Context On Equality: GenCon, Ferguson And One Week In August

August 21, 2014


This past week in August, I had a lot going on. I returned from a fantastic academic conference called DiGRA in Snowbird, Utah only to take a few days off and then headed to GenCon in Indianapolis. My friends and I drove the twelve hours over two days to Indy and spent “The Best Four […]

Gamora May Be The Strongest Woman In the (Marvel Movie) Galaxy

August 6, 2014



I’m about to make a claim here that I will attempt to support with a look at the woman of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This post may have spoilers to any number of the Marvel movies that have come out so far, especially Guardians of the Galaxy. You have been warned.   I have a theory, ladies […]

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