Flash Fiction Contest: Revenge

Recently I’ve been attempting a lot more fiction challenges and short story spats to work on getting the old creative juices running. I ran across Chuck Wendig’s blog thanks to a link from Jess Hartley’s Facebook (internet at its best) and there is a competition for a 100 word short story on revenge. So here is my attempt at doing 100 Words on Revenge:

Shackles by Shoshana Kessock

The shackles were weak; the door was flimsy. The men didn’t understand their mistake.

They came to my village in the night. Their clothes were black, their weapons powerful. They covered their eyes to hide their intention. First, they shot my father. They took me in a van, a bag over my head. They made jokes. They told me I would fetch good money. I was ‘big game’ for trophy hunters. They locked my wrists in silver.

Men have to piss. They dither outside the van.

Silver burns but makes weak shackles. And men can’t run fast enough.

Goodbye, Father.


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