Word Count Reached- Work Not Done

As of 10pm tonight, November 24th, I hit word count for my 2010 NaNo. The project I’m calling ‘Prisoner Sixty-Three’ is by no means done but the minimum word count is done and I am damn pleased.

I am also aching. I realize the joke about writers not taking care of themselves doesn’t just extend to not eating right, not sleeping, drinking to excess or drug use. Hell those are dangerous but does anyone preach about the dangers of forgetting to get up and leave the computer every once in a while? The back aches, the muscle tension, the neck cramps, the eye strain, the carpel tunnel!

I sound like a whiny old woman but I am singing the praises of weary joints today! Lots of typing and forgetting to stand up and stretch make me hurt. But man who wants to interrupt the muse while we’re doing our thing…?

There is still more work to be done on this story- I stopped mid-chapter tonight to save my eyes the damn strain but otherwise this story has more coming!

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