This is a bit of a stern post to myself, actually. It turns out that today, I had a bit of an epiphany.

I want to be a writer. So why do I keep letting myself get distracted?

I’m putting together my application for graduate school and realizing that I really love this. I really love writing and doing photography and that there is no reason in the world why I shouldn’t be focusing on this now. Today was sort of the last straw decision: I need to work on writing. A regiment has to be developed and make sure that I’m organized and effective. I’ve been scattered and crazed lately because I’ve been letting myself get distracted by all kinds of nonsense (video games, thinking about other things, money problems) but writing is the most important thing ever to me. So that’s going to be my focus.

New goal: at least half an hour of writing a day. Start small. While I’m working, it’s hard, so half an hour might be it. Maybe an hour. If I can do that, then I’ll be set.

This is the new goal.

PS: Update, I have finished editing my work for graduate school. I’m terrified it’s not going to be good enough, but I’m sending it along.

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